Facilities & Safety Committee
The primary responsibility of the Facilities and Safety Committee is to maintain the property and common elements, to recommend improvements or enhancements to the property, and to assure the safe and sound use of the property for all residents of the condominium. In accomplishing this goal, the Board of Directors shall assign the committee with tasks from time to time that may include but not be limited to:
Providing the Board of Directors with recommendations regarding:
Measures to enhance or improve the grounds and facilities of the condominium, etc.
Projects, additions, improvements, and renovations to the common elements of the condominium
Annual committee budget requests with supporting rationale for each budget item
Annual updates to the condominium 20-year maintenance plan
Preparation of specifications for bids and contract clauses for contracts related to property and facilities maintenance
Proposed actions that may impact the condominium environment
Advice on any matter of community safety including identification of unsafe conditions and recommendations for corrective actions
Establish programs for volunteer activities that would provide enjoyment and education to residents and improve the quality of the environment
Assist Management in the inspection of grounds and facilities to assure contractor compliance and identify maintenance upkeep issues, and recommend maintenance and/or actions as may be required
Provide information and guidance to the community regarding safety measures and preventative procedures through the Community Voice